A painting is not a picture of an experience; it is the experience. - Mark Rothko

"With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft."

- Henri Matisse

Colors and color combinations carry specific energy frequencies. They serve as a tool for me to express particular moods and atmospheres. 

Currently, I like including sparkling gold, silver or copper colors to the combinations as well as colors with pearl and sheen effect. I believe it adds an extra dimension and some glam to my creations. Depending on the angle one looks at a painting from, it shows a different dynamic. 

The ultimate meaning being: it is always about the energy as well as the perspective one observes an object or situation from. 


Mona Gabor


I have always had a lot of interests as I love exploring completely new fields: the positive tension I feel when entering a new space is thrilling. After a few gigs in life, I re-discovered my ,creative genes’ a short while ago. Painting in a state of timelessness gives me lot of joy & excitement as the outcome is never predictable and the final piece is always a surprise. 

I am a self-taught painter, who always believed not being creative enough. By showcasing my artworks on this website, I enter a field that is completely unknown to me – accompanied by the opposing feelings of sheer excitement and respect to the Unknown.

My Background

I have been living in Central Switzerland at the Lake of Zug for the last 20 years. I am a native of Budapest (Hungary) where I was born and raised. I have a diverse professional background and started my career in the corporate field in different managerial functions internationally. Later on I followed my entrepreneurial spirit and made the move to the start-up world. In terms of education, I have a Bachelor degree in business administration, a postgrad degree in economic law, and an MBA degree in brand management from ESSEC (Paris), as well as different other qualifications in various fields.

Some Personal insights

In my free time I enjoy doing yoga and ballet, and in the summer stand-up-paddling on Lake Zug. Whenever I can make it, I attend the home games of my favourite ice hockey team, where I am also actively involved in the junior section. I also spend a lot of time on long walks in nature with my brown Labrador, Mocca. Besides all of the above, holistic health – for humans and animals alike – is also a field that I like exploring deeper and deeper. 

And of course: my passion is colors . . .